Expert tried and tested  

When it comes to boxing as well as strength and conditioning training you want to learn from the best!
Only professional athletes, who have tried and tested all kinds of training regimes themselves,
can show you the correct techniques and most effective ways to reach your goals.
Professional boxers Dean "Badnewz" and Scott "Bang Bang" Burrell have been boxing for almost two decades and have proven the effectiveness of their workout routine times and times again in and out the ring.
Want to learn more about them? Follow them at @bangbangburrell and @badnewzburrell


Can you Survive a Pro Boxer's Partner Workout?

We partnered with Reebok to give you a little motivation for a fun partner workout!
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Besides their Boxing and Personal Training career Dean and Scott Burrell are actively involved in the Fitness, Music and Media scene, collaborating with fellow athletes, brands and creative professionals such as Rudimental, as seen in the video above. 


See more pictures below or follow them online: @bangbangburrell and @badnewzburrell